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Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Tabby Stone has served Northeast Florida architects, builders, general contractors and designers since 1988. Our company name, Tabby Stone, and original cast stone products are based on the tradition of "tabby," or coquina, which is well-known in the historical architecture in Northeast Florida.

Quality Architectural Precast Products, Unsurpassed Customer Service

We offer an extensive collection of quality architectural precast products in a variety of colors and textures. Offering the natural appeal of native tabby with the elegance of contemporary design, our complete product line includes cast stone mantles, columns, fireplace mantels, window and door surrounds, pool coping, pavers and tiles, fountains, balustrades, columns, wall caps and many decorative elements. Our extensive inventory of standard precast stone molds can satisfy any project need. For your projects, we invite you to contact us today to begin working with our in-house design specialists.

Tabby Stone architectural cast stone, Our promise of quality is cast in stone.

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